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Founder of Iamthenublack; Motion Graphic Designer and T-Shirt enthusiast, with an appreciation of good typography, well dressed men and nectarines.

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Shake a Leg

25th October 2008 |

“Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.” Alvin Ailey

source: hermosdef

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24th October 2008 |

Afros, Tees, and tight typography – my new design heaven has finally come!  What’s FroLab? “Frolab is a design collective built around the collaborative – or rather, the frolaborative mindset. We constantly seek ways to incorporate our love of design, music, art, … Read More

iamthenublack: Inua Ellams

23rd October 2008 |


introduce yourself

My name is Inua Ellams and I am a poet, performer, graphic designer, illustrator, to tie it all together; a graphic and word artist.


fav lyric from a song

“Children of the night, only some will star … Read More

Lady Sings the Blues: Chrisette Michele

22nd October 2008 |

I don’t like putting musicians into boxes, but If I close my eyes for a brief moment – I can hear elements of a Jazz Legend. she’s worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Nas (check out the ‘Cant Forget About … Read More

Black Girls with Cool Hair (Part One)

21st October 2008 |

Call me shallow but I automatically think people with cool hair are cool by default  (Don King, Mr T, Grace Jones, Angela Davis Ohmyra to name a few).

The Agytators are no exception – two beautiful black girls with the … Read More

ear candy: Black Girls with cool hair (Part 2)

20th October 2008 |

No hard feelings to the black girls with dope voices with nice hair but I had to set myself a challenge lol…enjoy (there’s more to come)

Janelle Monae

She pool jumps AND crowd surfs (let’s give Diddy a hand for … Read More

Mr & Mrs

19th October 2008 |

“Me and Mrs Jones we got a thing going on” Billy Paul

source: thesmokingsection

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Wardrobe Warriors – 21MC

18th October 2008 |

I remember being in my last year at uni and having a discussion with my tutors about colour in graphic design – not CYMK but whether a designer’s race or culture had an influence on their work. I ended up … Read More

thenublack: filmmakers

17th October 2008 |

I had the priveledge of attending the launch of the 9th Black Film Festival in London and it was so nice to be amongst (not only the gorgeous Idris Elba) young and old black talent – people who were veterans … Read More