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[Travel] Beaches + Brownstones Part II: NYC

September 16, 2014 |

Initially I was only supposed to be away for 3 weeks, but why have a 2 hour layover in JFK when I be away from home for another week? Why experience one carnival when I could experience 2? You get … Read More

More Than XY Black Fatherhood issue: Video & iTunes app

July 22, 2014 |

Following our Twitter Chat with NU People magazine and a group of fathers and individuals sharing their experiences, we held a photoshoot at AfroNoire’s offices and invited fathers to come down to take pictures with their families.

The result of … Read More

[Interview] Samantha Chioma: creator of new web series ‘Life of Hers’

July 14, 2014 |

Life of Hers is one of the many new drama series seeking to explore the ‘Sex & The City’ of millennial women. But unlike Lena Dunham’s award-winning HBO drama Girls, or MTV’s Underemployed, it explores this experience through the eyes … Read More


July 2, 2014 |

It may not have been the hottest day of the year (25 degrees ain’t bad!) but it was the perfect setting for the day long celebration of Spike Lee’s ‘Do The Right Thing’ which took place at Hackney’s iconic Rio … Read More